Amsterdam Venture Day 2018

September 25th 2018 | 14.00h-18.00h | Amsterdam DataLab

Matchmaking between the city's best entrepreneurs & investors

During the Amsterdam Venture Day, the city of Amsterdam showcases a selection of topnotch startups and scale-ups looking for funding. These companies are (former) participants of City of Amsterdam programmes like Startup in Residence and Ready to Scale. During the day, investors have the opportunity to see three early stage startups and three later stage scale-ups on stage and can meet during a round-table sessions to find out more about the company or the entrepreneur. 


The Amsterdam Venture Day is a free event, but is on invite only basis. If you did not reveice an invite, but you believe that you should attent, please contact us.




13.30 hrs - Doors open

14:00 hrs - Opening

14:15  hrs - Bart Blokhuis, Fund Director PDENH

14.45 hrs - Pitches round 1

15.00 hrs - Round table round 1

16.00 hrs - Break

16.15  hrs - Pitches round 2

16.30 hrs - Round table round 2

17.30 hrs - Closing & drinks


The pitches

Pitch 1
Smart homes to make everyday life easier. The aim of this company is to open the world of motorized smart home devices for everyone. No more personalized solutions, which are very expensive, but one-size-fits-all. After a very successful launch using Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, they are ready to expand their international activities.
Pitch 2
Understanding medical scans is difficult and time-consuming, even for medical professionals. With a broad experience in hardware technology for medical 3D imaging, this company now launches a stand-alone software package. The software gives direct insight in patient specific anatomy, makes it easy to navigate, and is built in collaboration with medical specialists. The aim is to improve medical analysis, simulation, planning and education.
Pitch 3
Stakeholder management limits the pace of urban development. This company offers a new workflow for local governments to directly manage projects, share plans and ideas, and collaborate locally. The platform is currently implemented in two of Amsterdam's transformation areas, growing into sustainable and inclusive local communities.
Pitch 4
Mobility scooters are often associated with a slow pace, with bad controls and even worse maneuverability. With the new scooters developed by this company, they try to break this association. The product is filled with sensors and options, can get trough any terrain, and is optimized for a fun experience. Who said getting old is no fun? After a successful first series, this company is now looking to scale up.
Pitch 5
With rapidly expanding amounts of tourists in Amsterdam, one of its aims is to spread them to unknown area's of the city. This startup fills that need, by offering an urban adventure app. This application lets you discover unknown areas by encouraging you to walk freely. The team is working together with locals to help you find the 'hidden gems' of Amsterdam.
Pitch 6
Training alarm center employees is time consuming and often unsuccessful, making it very expensive. This company developed a gaming environment to train people in alarm rooms, in order to learn employees to cope with the stress on the job and work multiple scenarios. For this product, they are working with multiple large parties, and are now aiming to grow internationally.
Pitch 7
Waste is a growing issue for the city of Amsterdam. In the eyes of this circular company, waste is cash. You receive digital coins every time you successfully recycle a bag of plastic, paper or textile.  These coins can be exchanged for free products, discounts and activities. A new way to motivate people to recycle, using a reward-based system.

Pitch 8

Our final company is a frontrunner in circular economy. Their activities focus on reducing your corporate carbon footprint, by collecting and recycling discarded phones. With large, corporate clients, international attention in large competitions and even at a UN Summit, they are now looking for investors to build and extend their company.


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